rental software for oilfield equipment

Track your rental equipment across remote locations and bill for actual days used.


Meet customer demands by maintaining real-time visibility across multiple locations.

keep track of your construction equipment

Use categories to quickly find and match equipment needed by your customers.


Handle practically any type of equipment from medical, events, to water coolers.


Real Time, On Time, Any Time

Check equipment availability instantly by feature and location, match rental fleet to customer demand, and use rental kitting to increase average sale.

Add more clients - we can help ANY Dynamics NAV reseller sell into equipment rentals

We get how hard it is to break into a strong vertical market, despite all the encouragement from Microsoft.  You may come across a rental deal but realize how difficult it would be to close and support the prospect.  Or you do want to concentrate on selling in the equipment rental industry but don't want to create your own IP.  Either way, we have a plan that fits you.

Become a focused reseller of our rental product and we will provide you with sales assistance and implementation assistance for as long as you need it.  If you are a NAV reseller with an opportunistic rental deal, we can do all of the rental  sales activities, implement rentals, and provide long-term rental support.  You get to keep the customer and all of the margin on the NAV sale.  Hmmmm.  Let' s think about that.  You get to sell a deal that you couldn't otherwise, with specialized sales assistance to shorten the sales cycle, have someone else take the majority of the implementation risk, gain non-rental service revenue, and you get to keep the NAV software margin and enhancement revenue.  What's not to like?  Call Malcolm at 877-777-7764 x105 today.