The Cloud is the best option for startup equipment rental companies looking for accounting software

By Malcolm Roach on Jul 20, 2017 in ERP Software

Much lower upfront cost, lower ongoing costs, stronger security, faster start-up, and better disaster recovery are solid reasons for why startup equipment rental companies should strongly consider cloud options for their new accounting system.

Startup equipment rental companies often find themselves with a bewildering choice among the seemingly countless accounting systems that might work for their business. Besides the decision of which software supplier to choose, a more fundamental decision must be made whether to purchase a software license for installation in-house or sign up for a monthly cloud plan, a decision which will help narrow down the supplier selection. This article will help provide some clarity on choosing between these two options and explain why, in general, the cloud is a better choice for startup equipment rental companies.


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Creating Raving Fans for your Equipment Rental Business

By Malcolm Roach on Jul 18, 2017 in operations, business tips

Many people in business are familiar with Ken Blanchard’s book, Raving Fans – A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service. Anyone involved in a business needs to read this book and I feel so strongly about it, I will send a free electronic copy to the first five readers who request one through our contact form.

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How to prepare your equipment rental business for sale

By Malcolm Roach on Jul 10, 2017 in operations, business tips

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31 ways to add more customers for your equipment rental business – Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of our 31 ways to add more customer for your rental business. Unfortunately, because of its length, we had to break the blog in the middle of the section for the six-month task list. You can review Part One here.

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31 ways to add more customers for your equipment rental business – Part One

As a business owner, you may be puzzled about how to find new customers. How do you find them? They certainly don’t come out of a cereal box. This two-part document will give you 31 ideas on how to attract new customers to your equipment rental business, regardless of the industry niche in which you operate.

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Top Reasons Why You Must Outsource Payroll

By Malcolm Roach on Jun 21, 2017 in ERP Software, Payroll

Keep your focus on your main business

If your organization has one or more employees, you need a payroll strategy. Chances are, you fall within that definition. As a CPA with more than thirty-five years of experience in public practice, industry, and selling payroll software, I have some pretty strong opinions about this topic and would like to share those with you.

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22 Business Trends That Will Change Your Rental Business – Part Two

Be prepared for major change with these top business trends

In Part One we looked at overall business issues and in Part Two we will look at trends bringing change to your marketing, sales, and customer experience groups, which will round out our 22 business trends.Business Trends for Rental Business Part Two.jpg

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22 Business Trends That Will Change Your Rental Business – Part One

Be prepared for major change with these top business trends

You don’t want to get left in the dust. But how do you keep up? There are just too many things going on and you can’t look after all of them yourself. Or afford to hire all the people you would need.

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Ransomware, Malware, and Equipment Rental Software

By Malcolm Roach on May 15, 2017 in technology trends

Most people will come to work this week either aware of the massive Cyberattack over the weekend or they will become aware of it shortly.  Some countries like Russia and China were hit particularly hard while others such as the United States were less affected, although that could change Monday.

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All integrated rental software systems are not equal

By Malcolm Roach on Dec 01, 2016

When you hear a salesperson say their system is "fully integrated", you need to perk up your ears and ask some very important questions. 

People define "integration" in very different ways.  For some, integration means connecting different systems, in various levels of automation or even through manual processes.  Others mean there is only one toolkit and one database, which is the obvious preference.  Supporting differing systems where data is being integrated can be troublesome to get working and keep working.  This can lead to delays in obtaining information and costly support charges if something goes wrong.  Here are some useful questions to consider.

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