Change Management Services

Proper change management during a new rental equipment software implementation can significantly reduce any risk associated with a new system.

The people who make the decision to change are often the ones who relish change, and it can be easy to forget that not everyone thinks and feels the same way.

A fact of life is the characteristic that makes most staff very good at addressing detail is the same one that makes change unattractive. A detail-oriented person typically likes to know exactly how to do their job and does not like uncertainty. Internal project leaders need to spend time reassuring staff that the benefits of new functionality will be outweighed by any inconvienience of learning new software.

Change management reduces risk to user adoption

Staff need sufficient training time with the software to both be effective and to gain the confidence they need to flourish with the change. They also need ongoing support and learning resources to help train any new staff. One important distinction of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is the user adoption is very high because users find it immediately familiar due to the similar look and feel to Microsoft Office products.

We work with your organization to ensure your staff have the proper support they need to make your new system implementation a success.

Investing in a new equipment rental system involves more than merely choosing software, we can help you with a solid plan for a successful implementation.