Let's fact it, most accountants work too many long nights and weekends.  Year-ends and audits only add to the load.

Having one integrated system for rentals, service, and financials offers legitimate hope for accountants everywhere.  No more reconciling multiple systems at period end, looking for discrepancies and trying to find out what happened.  Drill down on the data, right back to the original documents and attached electronic documents and related emails.  It is possible to do month-ends in days and not weeks, even with multiple companies, which can now be consolildated at the touch of a button.

experience an easier way to account for your company’s assets

Reliable and timely data, what a concept

As an accountant, you don't have to accept unreliable systems any more.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV puts real-time, accurate information at the fingertips of all users, not just accounting.

Duplicate data entry and multiple systems compromise your data

The need for multiple systems often arises because of unique business or process requirements your current accounting system can’t handle.  You may have even resorted to tracking key information in spreadsheets, a medium in which it is almost impossible to guarantee data integrity.  Whenever there is human intervention there will be errors, both on purchase orders and incoming supplier invoices. Stephen Hawking once noted that "the cost to fix a data error at the time of entry is $1. The cost to fix it an hour after it's been entered is $10. And the cost to fix it several months later is $100 plus."

Remote workers often result in delays processing data

An integrated field mobility system provides control over field business processes, allows data to be sent to the field, and updates data to be retrieved back into the accounting system for review and posting on a real-time or near real-time basis, eliminating duplicate data entry effort and errors, and lost records.