Make it easy for your staff to fulfill rental orders in the office, or in the rental yard with ODT Graphical Equipment Scheduler.

Streamline the process of assigning equipment to open orders with the Graphical Equipment Scheduler in our Dynamics NAV Rental Management system. Staff can quickly view open orders and visually assign assets to rental orders by dragging and dropping the available equipment to match the request.  


A users begins by viewing all orders filtered by date and type. Selecting an order will show the equipment needed, which can be matched to the equipment available at that location or rental yard. The calendar will update to show the equipment duration requirement for each item. Assigning rental assets is as easy as "dragging and dropping" them to the corresponding rental line. 

The equipment scheduler gives your staff even more flexibility because it can be used in the office on a desktop or from a tablet while walking the rental yard.  

Open Door’s Graphical Equipment Scheduler allows your staff to:  

  • Save time by eliminating the need for constant communication between the desk and the yard to schedule and assign equipment.
  • Eliminate paperwork by allowing the user to assign equipment “real time” from a mobile device.
  • Increase accuracy by being able to see, inspect, and assign.
  • Improve customer service by reducing the time required to make the inspection, selection, and assignment.

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