Put your rental business on the fast track with Rental Equipment Management Software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

There has been a huge movement for individuals and organizations to rent instead of buy equipment. The renter wants to match their operating expenses to the demands of their own clients rather than investing large amounts in equipment fleets. With that increased demand, your customers want products on their timeline, for a price they are willing to pay. Your success is going to be based on your ability to accurately meet those equipment needs.

Today’s rental challenges are not the same as they were in the 1990’s when most rental software systems were designed. Rental companies need equipment rental solutions that are able to deal with today’s more competitive environment, which has changed dramatically from 10 to 20 years ago.

The rental software system from Open Door Technology is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most popular mid-market finance and operations system in the world. The rental software uses today’s technology to address the specific needs of equipment rental companies. 

Rental software system built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

My service work is killing me

The CMMS maintenance software included with Open Door Rental Software ensures you can keep
on top of all maintenance for your assets. Your assets may have different maintenance schedules
so upon return they can be flagged as being immediately available, available needing maintenance, not available needing maintenance, and/or expired.

  • Preventative maintenance schedules for rental equipment can be set up by asset class to ensure required maintenance schedules based on time or usage can be met.
  • Service orders can be created automatically or manually. Certifications and inspections can be automated to meet safety or regulatory guidelines.
  • Service managers can quickly review all outstanding service work and assign the work to available technicians. Field personnel can be sent out to perform work at client locations.

Where is my rental equipment and when is it coming back?

Every day that a piece of rental equipment is not out on rent is lost revenue. You need complete visibility into where your assets are at all times so you don’t lose any opportunity to rent them to your customers. With a real-time database tracking all your assets for you, you’ll be able to tell at a glance what items are ready to be rented, which are down for maintenance, and which have been committed to a customer.

Open Door’s rental equipment management software system combines all aspects of a rental business into one real-time database where information is always at your fingertips.

How Do I Improve My Equipment Utilization?

Improving equipment utilization is more than knowing where every piece of equipment is and when it will be available for rent. You must optimize your fleet makeup to match customer demand.

Having the right equipment in the right place is critical to closing a rental sale. Matching your pricing structure to the market place ensures you get as many deals as possible. Real-time information combined with an integrated database from Open Door offers the maximum flexibility in meeting your customer’s requirements.

What Types Of Equipment Does This System Work For?

Some examples of rental industries where the system is in use include construction equipment, industrial equipment, lifting equipment, office equipment, medical equipment, oilfield equipment, musical instruments, and party rentals. The flexibility of the system adapts to most requirements.

Industries and Services

Open Door Technology partners with you to identify your unique business processes and get your new rental software up and running fast. Our equipment rental management software works in the cloud or can be installed on site. You choose the model that works best for you. View 3 Types of Installation