Investing in a new equipment rental system involves more than merely choosing software, you need a solid plan for a successful implementation. We can help you with that.

Open Door Technology partners with organizations looking to completely change their rental equipment system or update their current NAV rental system in a timely and efficient manner.
We are ready to advise you with software best practices as well as train and transition your staff.
We follow proven processes designed to get your system up and running on time, on budget,
with promised functionality.


Implementing complex financial systems, such as Dynamics NAV, requires an intentional investment in project management. We find the final result of a new rental system implementation, or upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, depends heavily on the quality of planning and analysis.

Project Management

You need to ensure your new system implementation is properly managed to ensure it is on time, on budget, and on spec. Project management keeps the project moving forward without loosing sight of they key objectives and deliverables. The Open Door team will ensure all stages of the implementation are properly executed.

Change Management

An area that can create significant risk to a new project is a lack of change management. A change management process helps to mitigate risk and may use personality profiles, training, coaching, and ongoing support to assist users in adapting to change. The project team will take time to identify risks in this area and deal with them effectively.

Business Process Review

Implementing a new rental solution successfully requires a detailed Business Process Review in order to properly identify key business requirements and required changes. The scope of a project are managed and the costs are kept within budget by first clearly identifying and documenting the requirements in a complex system.


After requirements gathering and the Business Process Review is done, the design process starts
in earnest. The Open Door team will review each functional area of your business and identify opportunities to gain efficiencies and competitive advantages with the implementation of our
rental management system.

Rapid Start

System set up on either your network or in a hosted environment can be greatly simplified through the use of Rapid Start, a methodology designed to allow organizations to easily configure business processes and modules. The time to set up the system is greatly reduced and allows you to concentrate on value add activities.

Data Conversion

Organizations need to migrate information forward from their old system and a great deal of experience is required to do this correctly as most systems include inactive records and transaction types, field-length differences, and process flows that does not always match. Successful data conversion relies on proper preparation and an experienced team committed to getting it done right.


One of the greatest strengths of our rental system is the fact that the core ERP system is developed and maintained by Microsoft, which leaves us free to respond to the unique challenges of the rental industry. The development toolkit leaves us an efficient system allowing for customer-specific requirements to be added easily and cost-effectively.


A critical part of successfully implementing a new rental equipment system is comprehensive
training for the project team, testers, and end-users. We also set up custom training sessions
as well as on-demand training videos
to be available on an ongoing basis for new staff and as a refresher for existing staff.


Ongoing support for your new Dynamics NAV rental system is important for your team as they
begin learning updated processes. We provide onsite and remote assistance using a variety of tools, such as GoToAssist, Citrix, or Terminal Server, designed to keep you fully informed and connected with our support team.

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