Nearly every rental company today has some type of mobile workforce. It may be a sales person who is traveling to customer location to discuss new business opportunities or responding to a particular client situation.

Blog Mobile Technology and the Equipment Rental Industry

It could be a truck driver picking up, or delivering equipment, who needs to take photographs to document equipment damage and capture customer signatures. A field service technician might be carrying out a repair or performing scheduled preventative maintenance. It may be the rental yard where equipment selection and loading are carried out.

There are more reasons than ever to invest in a mobile solution for your equipment rental organization.

A legacy of the “bring your own device to work” movement happening over the past decade is the wide diversity of mobile technologies now supported by organizations. Each class of mobile worker may require a different type of device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, or may need to work offline when cellular or wi-fi connections are not available. In these cases, the user will need to complete the work assignment, store the information, and then synchronize the data once there is a reliable signal.

The key is having the flexibility to match the proper device and related software application with the needed functionality and the appropriate method and frequency of connectivity. Mobile technology can increase worker efficiency, reduce errors, improve cash flow, and enhance customer satisfaction.