There is no hiding the fact that installing a new rental, service, and finance system is a project involves a lot of work with many inherent risks. There are some ways you can mitigate those risks, help ease the transition to a new ERP implementation, and keep moving through the challenges you will inevitably face.

Blog Prepare for the successful deployment of a new software system

Anticipate and manage the stress of your team

During an equipment rental software implementation staff have to carry out their regular jobs while trying to learn a new system, all of which contributes to a high level of stress. Members of the external project implementation team are often working on several projects at one time and do this while trying to understand the unique aspects of each organization’s business model. Chances are something won’t go smoothly in any project and it is the successful project teams that anticipate this eventuality and are prepared to deal with it.

Prepare your team with a spirit of commitment to the project

Preparation starts with choosing the appropriate members of the combined project team, which is one of the most critical factors in the successful implementation of a new ERP system. The customer needs to include key stakeholders representing each major user group as well as executive support and an internal project champion who will take personal responsibility for the success of the project. The external members of the team should include an experienced project manager, a solution architect, consultants, and developers.

Having capable team members is important, but probably more critical is having a spirit of commitment from all members of the team. Customer staff shouldn’t automatically point fingers at the consultants anytime issues arise and the integrator’s staff need to understand that they can’t throw their hands up in the air in frustration whenever the project hits speed bumps. Everyone must be committed to success and park their egos at the door.

Teams must be dedicated to the success of the project

Even though an organization chooses a capable and committed team, things may still go wrong. The customer needs to know the implementation partner is dedicated to the success of the project, to make sure things are done right, even if the project won’t turn out profitable. The partner needs to take responsibility for mistakes and not try to bill the customer for them. The customer should understand that they may not have expressed all of their desires accurately or even at all, in some cases, and this may cost more money.

Flexibility and determination are what will make your project successful. Make sure you choose the staff with those qualities and an external partner with the same values.

The process of implementing a new rental system also depends on having a proper implementation plan in place, which includes project management, to keep your project moving forward.