Maximize uptime with preventative maintenance

Solutions for Construction Equipment Rental

Keep your equipment up and running

Being involved in the construction equipment rental business requires companies to invest heavily in expensive equipment, most with frequent and complex maintenance requirements. Something as simple as regular oil and filter changes can greatly extend the life of a unit, if they are regularly done. Ongoing maintenance is not always easy to carry out when equipment may be out on rent in remote locations. The preventative maintenance module with predictive usage capabilities allows service managers to schedule service calls based on predicted usage for the equipment on a rental order or for scheduled maintenance activities. Utilize paper or connect to your choice of mobile devices to dispatch your technicians and track service activities. Details captured in the field can instantly update the service database or the next time the offline technician connects to the internet.

Tool rental companies in the construction industry have the added complexity of having to deal with equipment rental contracts that may be for only a few hours or for months at a time.

Flexibility in a fully integrated rental, service, and financial system ensures you get the most out of your fleet and allows rental managers to maximize the availability of equipment, which ensures the maximum possible rental revenue for the organization.

Equipment needs to be properly serviced, whether in the field or your yard.  Each unit can have multiple maintenance templates to capture all the details of each maintenance activity including instructions, parts, labor, third party charges, and miscellaneous costs.  Your system needs to track the location and activities for each unit to ensure required maintenance activities are carried out.  Integration to Telematics systems allow real-time usage and other information to be retrieved in real-time to assist in maintenance planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my equipment and is it available to rent?

Equipment may be in any number of locations including your rental yards, maintenance shops, and customer locations. Open Door’s equipment rental management software can track an unlimited number of customer ship-to locations and record subsequent equipment moves, including temporary storage locations for that time when equipment is off-rent and left in the field.

Tracking the service status for each unit assists both the rental and service groups to manage equipment and improve utilization.

Can I track metered usage?

The flexibility of the Open Door Rental Software allows your company to track metered usage on equipment, with your choice of a unit of measure such as mileage or hours. This usage tracking may only be used for maintenance planning but it can also be used to charge customers for usage or excess usage. Track one, two, or three shifts of equipment usage and set your maintenance and invoicing policies accordingly.

How can I quickly find the right equipment that meets my client’s requirement?

The use of rental categories to track equipment groups by predefined attributes, by either group or rental asset, allows the user to quickly search for equipment to match specific customer requirements. For example, the client may need a 6” hydraulic submersible pump and may request a specific brand or model. Our software would allow the user to identify the available equipment within 5-10 seconds of the initial inquiry.

How do I manage my service technicians?

Service technicians can be tracked and assigned to specific service orders. You can track required service skills for equipment and match those requirements to the appropriate technician. Service orders can be printed or pushed out to your choice of mobile devices. Go one step further and setup problem tracking and reporting to assist you in your analysis of your equipment.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central your equipment rental company

If you want to be a leader, you need to choose a system capable of bringing your business vision to your customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is that system. With industry-leading flexibility and scalability with 90% of the functionality of a tier one system for a fraction of the cost. Implement your new system in months, not years. Grow your business and don’t outgrow your system.

We have been working with equipment rental companies for over 20 years

Our salespeople are not just talking heads.  We want the best solution for our customers and Dynamics 365 Business Central gives us options for single user companies right up into the hundreds of concurrent users.  If by some chance, it looks like we are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, we are happy to point you in a different direction.