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Solutions for Industrial Equipment Rental

Industrial equipment comes in all shapes and sizes

Rental companies dealing with industrial equipment with face a wide variety of customer requirements from rentals of a few hours to long-term contracts where equipment may be out on rent for several years before being returned. Technical specifications will vary according to the customer’s latest project and can be driven by engineers looking for the latest and most effective equipment. These customers will go to whomever they need to find the specific units they need. Knowing exactly what you have in your rental fleet, the service status, and where the equipment is located is a critical factor in maximizing your rental revenue.

Servicing equipment on long-term contracts can be challenging with a need to perform repairs in the field as well as ongoing service. Meter readings may be infrequent or non-existent until the unit is returned. Having access to predictive usage allows maintenance managers to predict when equipment out on rent will need the next regular service. Harsh conditions and variable usage patterns make this difficult to manage well but it is a critical requirement to maximize the effective lifespan of rental units. For some equipment, regulatory requirements for inspections and re-certifications add another dimension to planning service activities.

Industrial equipment covers a wide variety of requirements as evidenced by Wikipedia’s listing of 17 subcategories and 59 category pages.  Equipment rental companies specializing in this area may find themselves dealing with concrete mixers, industrial fans, machine tools, and material handling equipment.  The wide variety raises interesting challenges for managing the mix of a rental fleet and handling the related service requirements.  Customers operate in industries from food processoring to manufacturing to mining.

As with oilfield equipment, industrial equipment often finds itself operating in remote locations and difficult conditions.  Heavy duty equipment may be out in the field for months at a time while tools may be used for only a few hours.

Servicing equipment is a challenge but a necessary one to extend the life and availability of the equipment.  The service system needs to be flexible enough to handle tool repair and complex scheduled maintenace requirements for large mining machinery.

Mobile App

Use the device of your choice, whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  Windows, IOS, or Android, all are available and work seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Rental or ODT Rentals 365 (on Dynamics 365) system. Push work requirements out, get real-time data back.  Create documents in the office or the field.  Choose from a selection of default user roles to configure the system for your users.  Assign security roles to control access to sensitive information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my equipment and is it available to rent?

Customer move equipment around and they don’t always bring it back to the yard when they are done with it. Sometimes it is easier to leave it at the job location for when the customer will need it. Open Door’s equipment rental management software can track an unlimited number of customer ship-to locations and record subsequent equipment moves. The rental software maintains the real-time service status for each rental unit, enabling you to quickly determine what equipment available to rent.

Can I bill for a variable number of days in a period?

The flexibility of our rental software allows your company to charge a regular periodic rental charge plus usage charges. Customers can be pay for metered usage ed usage charge for equipment that records quantities such as hours, or mileage.

For longer-term projects with variable usage, the second usage feature allows you to record only those days the equipment was actually used by your customer during the invoicing period, to charge full rates for those dates and an optional rate for stand-by days. This periodic usage table can be populated from an electronic file, such as a spreadsheet, or from an integrated mobile device.

How can I quickly find the right equipment that meets my client’s requirement?

The system uses categories to track equipment groups with predefined attributes, by either group or rental asset, which allows the user to quickly search for equipment with specific requirements. For example, the client may need a 135’ platform with an articulating boom and four wheel drive. Our software would allow the user to identify the available equipment by location within 5-10 seconds.

How do I manage my service group?

Industrial and lifting equipment rental companies need a solution to track equipment maintenance requirements and make sure the work gets done on time even if the equipment is located out in the field.

Open Door Technology’s predictive maintenance software module will make this process much more manageable.

Service work templates allow you to set up maintenance tasks unique by equipment group and triggered manually, by elapsed time, by usage, and by anniversary dates. For example, a piece of equipment could be inspected every time it is returned from being on rent. Other equipment may need to be re-certified annually by a regulatory agency. You can schedule service work in the shop and out in the field. Another handy feature is the ability to schedule work based on the estimated usage in the field.

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