The one thing different about renting mats from equipment is…just about everything!

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The one thing different about renting mats from equipment is…just about everything!

Whether your customers need access or rig mats, renting mats is all about the handling. It’s easy enough to sell mats of various kinds but to rent them creates many issues unique to mat rental. Invoicing and managing taxes bring their own challenges.

Shipping 1,000 or 10,000 mats creates logistical challenges

A truck won’t hold that many mats, which means you could be managing twenty or two hundred shipments to get the mats delivered to the field. They need to get delivered to different locations, they need to be moved around, and when they get returned, they are probably going to be dirty and heavy. Now those two hundred shipments will become two hundred and twenty returns. Split your shipments and returns into as many truckloads as you need.

Mats often move around and get left in the field

To accurately track mat quantities, you need to know exactly where they are at any time. That can be a challenge when they are moved around in the field and often get left stacked in the field when the customer is finished with them. Sales and operations needs to know where they are. Mats being moved can be moved around. Connecting to a mobile system allows real-time or near real-time updates as to mat status and location.

Crossing tax jurisdictions can cause regulatory reporting problems

Individual shipments of mats can be tracked by exact location, which will each potentially result in unique tax calculations. Moving mats adjusts tax status automatically. Your system can be connected to an online tax engine to manage the tax calculation and reporting, regardless of where your mats are or have been.

Use field tickets to manage your field service team

If your organization provides onsite field services, utilize the service management module and mobility applications to push work requirements to the field and capture real-time or near real-time data. Fully integrated third party modules allow the capture of signatures, pictures, and charges for time and other expenses.

Job cost tracking provides profitability analysis for matting jobs

There can be a lot of moving pieces with a mat rental contract. Our rental solution tracks all revenue and expenses, regardless of source, to use in job profitability analysis.

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