Real-time Fleet Utilization

Keep an eye on your entire fleet to see fleet utilization in real time

The days of chasing paper and maintaining spreadsheets are over for the rental industry.

If your organization has more than one hundred rental units, you can’t rely on manual processes. You need real-time information and can’t be chasing down people or updates every time your customer calls. We know there are a number of processes that need to be automated to track equipment utilization in real time so you are ready when your customers come looking for rental equipment.

Track your equipment by group and category

You need to know the equipment in your fleet and you need immediate capacity adjustments, ideally by equipment groups, when committed quotes or orders are placed for customers. Equipment groups give insight into overall equipment availability, even if specific units haven’t been committed yet. Go a step further by tracking equipment by categories and attributes, which allows your staff to quickly match equipment to specific customer demand.

Keep up-to-date data on service status

Knowing the current service status of your equipment is crucial. Immediate creation of service orders when equipment is returned or based on equipment usage will allow the equipment to be made available for rent more quickly. Equipment usage details allow the preventative maintenance module to quickly analyze maintenance requirements, while simplifying your invoicing.

Use the device that fits the user

Once the processes have been solidified, the next logical step is push the processes and information to the field utilizing mobile devices including a choice of smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. Service and rental processes can be automated in this way with real-time integration back to head office. Company representatives can now receive instructions on a real-time basis. Signatures and photographs can be captured, transactions recorded, and paper summaries printed as required.

Get the right tools for rental fleet utilization

The days of chasing paper and maintaining spreadsheets are over. When your rental fleet has hundreds or thousands of units, you can’t just rely on manual processes. Learn how you can maximize fleet utilization with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Open Door Rental Software and increase rental profitability.