Maximize your rental revenue and service dollars


Equipment missing or stuck in service means lost revenue

You need to know where your equipment is and keep it serviced, ready to rent

Your equipment might now be lost but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know where it is or when it will be available to rent. Your service department has to stay on top of service and inspections requirements or profitability will evaporate.

Real-time information is the life blood of your operating business. Where is the equipment? Is it reserved? When is it coming back? Does it need service? Will it need to be inspected? Do I need to transfer it to another location? The list goes on and on. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 offer one completed integrated solution for rentals and financials. Information is posted everywhere any time a shipment, a return, a service action, or invoicing function is carried out. Don’t settle for lipstick on a pig, choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the world’s most popular mid-market accounting system with over 140,000 customers and 2.4 million users.

Real-time information is the key to optimization

Optimizing your fleet in an ever changing environment can be a challenge if you don’t have systems in place to track usage and utilization. You need to analyze your operations even as new technological changes in equipment and in available contracts offer entirely new business opportunities. The faster you understand equipment trends the better you can re-direct current and future investment.

Increase revenue through real-time information

Real-time information, including knowing exactly how much equipment you have available at any given time, its location, the expected return date, and current service status, is key to maximizing rental revenue. You can’t wait for someone to run around a rental yard checking units, phoning people, or checking the shop.

Both sales and operations need visibility into customer demand through an integrated quoting and order system where salespeople have immediate access to equipment availability and pricing.

In an environment of increasing complex demands from customers, it takes a well-designed and fully integrated rental, service, and accounting system to improve utilization and profitability.

See Real-Time Rental Fleet Utilization

The days of chasing paper and maintaining spreadsheets are over. When the rental fleet has hundreds or thousands of units, the business just can’t rely on manual processes. Learn how you can maximize fleet utilization with Open Door Rental Software built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.