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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Rentals for Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment companies deal with unique challenges in the areas of equipment scheduling, maintenance, and invoicing.

Equipment with some very specific requirements may be required on short notice and maintenance can be a serious issue with equipment often needing to be cleaned and sterilized before it can be re-used.

Dealing with patients subject to high risk medical conditions can create hazards for staff handling
the equipment. Sometimes rental equipment can be out for indefinite periods, or suddenly not be required. Other challenges include equipment moving between patients in the same facility, invoices needing to identify usage by patient, prices varying widely depending on the region and by customer, and equipment that may be out in the field for months at a time. Units may need to be replaced
on short notice without affecting the billing routine or need to undergo periodic maintenance or
re-certifications. Customers may have the equipment for an indefinite period of time but may only
be billed for those days actually used by patients or when on stand-by. Medical equipment rental companies need a system with ultimate flexibility and a fully integrated rentals, service,
and financials system..

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my equipment and is it available to rent?

Medical facilities move equipment around frequently and on short notice, especially between patients. Open Door’s durable medical equipment software can track both an unlimited number of customer ship-to locations for your customers and then record specific usage by patient by room. The rental software also maintains real-time rental status for all equipment to allow you to quickly determine equipment available to rent regardless of the location.

Can I bill for a variable number of days in a period?

The flexibility of the Open Door Rental Software allows your company to charge for only the actual days the equipment was used for patients while tracking the patient names and room locations or other tracking information. This periodic usage information can be populated from an electronic file, such as a spreadsheet, or from an integrated mobile device. Otherwise, patient data can be entered against the periodic usage lines and will appear on the rental invoices.

How do I manage my service group?

Medical equipment rental companies need durable medical equipment software capable of tracking equipment maintenance requirements to make sure the work gets done on time even if the equipment is located out in the field. Specific maintenance requirements can be attached to a piece of equipment to match patient circumstances. Open Door Technology’s predictive maintenance software module will make this process much more manageable. Service work templates allow you to set up maintenance tasks unique by equipment group and triggered manually, by elapsed time, by usage, and by anniversary dates. For example, a piece of equipment could be inspected every time it is returned from being on rent or moved between patients. Other equipment may need to be re-certified annually by a regulatory agency. You can schedule service work in the shop or out in the field. Another handy feature is the ability to schedule work based on the estimated usage in the field, if you have equipment with metered usage.

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