Imagine not being held back by multiple systems that don’t talk to each other

Get your rental team on the same page with complete real-time visibility into rental operations.

Open Door Technology pairs the core capability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with a suite of apps to answer all the needs of your rental organization. Scale the system and add users as you need and never change systems again.

All your data at your fingertips

Disconnected systems, manual processes, and tracking equipment on spreadsheets is no way to grow your equipment rental business. Your customers need answers now, not after you’ve finished entering data multiple times. Imagine being able to focus on growing your rental business and not worrying about computer systems.

ODT Rentals 365 offers organizations a cloud-based solution for equipment and tool rental that, combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, provides a quick to implement, easy to use, integrated real-time rental and financial system. Licensed through an Office 365 subscription, with or without the Office applications, Dynamics 365 Business Central allows companies to utilize industry-leading applications without an upfront investment in software or infrastructure.

Connect your business

Consolidate multiple systems into a single, connected application—one that pulls together your business processes—to save your employees time.

Get started quickly

Get started quickly in the cloud using familiar Office interfaces and add other Dynamics 365 applications as you need.

Make better decisions

Get a complete picture from a centralized source. Apply built-in intelligence for insights to prevent issues and deliver better customer experiences.

Transform your business

Stay ahead of the competition by bringing agility, simplification, and continuous innovation—without disruption.

Advanced Technology

The superior product design and continued investment by Microsoft ensures Dynamics 365 Business Central will always be the technology leader. All other systems are merely playing catch-up as Microsoft releases new technology. Choose a system that is backed by the number one software company in the world.

Utilize All Your Assets

At Open Door Technology, we help you to utilize your rental assets more effectively and bill your customers with accuracy and efficiency.  We provide you with total visibility to real-time information across your system with a single database to eliminate multiple data entry points, streamlining processes and reducing redundancies.

Access real-time rental and billing information

Data is posted real-time throughout the entire system.  Inventory at any time and date.

Automatically flag returning assets for maintenance

Preventative maintenance service plans can require return inspections before equipment re-rental.

Check rental equipment availability

Check rental availability by groups or items.  Changes update the system on a real-time basis.

Define flexible rental terms

Flexible rental periods and rental terms, including hours to more common day/week/month.

Rent or sell inventory and/or fixed assets

Flexible options for setting up rental fleets including fixed assets and accessories.

Automate rental kits

Choose modifiable kits with assets, items, resources, and comment.  Sell consumables.

Need some help figuring out how you can benefit from Business Central?

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