We believe the road to success for us and our customers is NOT to be a “Jack of all trades”

In line with that belief, we choose to support only one of Microsoft’s accounting and ERP products, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

All of our people know and love Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 

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Services We Offer

Business Process Review

Failure to properly identify business requirements when implementing a new system is typically the biggest reason why projects fail to reach the objectives of on time, on budget, on spec. Without clearly identifying and documenting the requirements, it is almost impossible to control the scope of the project and, as a result, the costs often escalate beyond the original budget.

Open Door Technology coordinates a proper business process review or BPR, which can provide a functional direction for the implementation of your project. This is a proven and effective method that provides cost assurance and results in meeting essential deadlines.

Project Management

On time, on budget, on spec. If these are your goals, you need to ensure the project is properly managed. The people involved in the trenches of a new project, whether working for a client or the implementation partner, are often too deeply involved to keep track of these three objectives. It usually takes a third person, who can work for the client, the implementation partner or a third party, to properly manage the project so these objectives are kept in the front of everyone’s minds.


After defining the requirements and completing the Business Process Review (BPR), the design process starts in earnest. The BPR will identify current processes, manual or automated, and any desired changes that have been identified to date.

The analyst will review each functional area of the business and identify opportunities for improvement to gain efficiencies and a competitive advantage, although this process is not to be confused with a full-blown re-engineering project.

Whenever we get the opportunity to utilize our prior experience, we will advance that knowledge to the client for the purposes of creating a design for the new system.

Data Conversion

Most organizations need to bring information forward from their old system. Even if this is only general ledger accounts, customers, vendors, inventory items and opening balances, there is still a significant amount of effort involved as most systems include inactive records and transaction types, field-length differences, and process flows that do not always match. Our experienced staff can assist in data conversion planning and cleansing.

Change Management

An area that can create significant risk is the lack of change management. Although not every client requires this service, client staff may suffer significant stress as they move to a new system. A change management process helps mitigate this problem and may use personality profiles and coaching. Outside experts can be retained to provide coaching in this area.


Open Door Technology offers several levels of training, including project team training, implementation team training, end-user training, ongoing training for new staff and refreshers. Training is held in our professional climate-controlled training facility or on-site, if required. Shorter training sessions can also be provided remotely through Citrix or Terminal Server. In some cases GoToAssist is used to work directly with a client staff member on a particular issue where they may need assistance.


One of the greatest strengths of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is the development toolkit. Instead of taking a programming language and trying to create all of the functionality contained in a typical ERP business software system, the original designers of the project created a toolkit that could be used to efficiently and rapidly develop the necessary functionality.

After Microsoft acquired Dynamics NAV, or Navision, as it was known as at that time, it grew to become the most popular mid-market package in the world with over 3,000,000 users. A great deal of this success was due to the development toolkit which offered significant advantages in performance, stability, and flexibility.

Ongoing Support

After the project has gone live, clients usually require some degree of ongoing support for the new system, particularly for the first three months. Open Door Technology staff are available for onsite and remote assistance.

The use of state of the art support tools such as GoToAssist allow “hands on” support to be provided from any location where there is Internet access. Many clients provide remote access through the use of Citrix or Terminal Server, which acts as a reliable and low-cost means of allowing our staff to review and fix problems, as well as provide remote instruction.

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