ODT Service 365 delivers a simple to use service module for Business Central Essentials with Planned Maintenance capability

Easy to use, flexible, expandable for equipment rental and oilfield service.

ODT Service 365 utilizes the powerful capability of the Business Central jobs module and adds equipment tracking, service history, service templates, configurable inspection documents, planned maintenance, and integration to time sheets. 

Take advantage of Microsoft's technical innovation

Don’t get stuck in a box with a legacy service order system. Microsoft’s Business Central system offers options for rapid implementation, ease of use, and low ongoing support, including free or near-free automatic upgrades.

Adding Open Door Technology’s Service app adds highly configurable service tickets to the system for in-house or online deployments. Set up scheduled maintenance, perform return inspections (for equipment rental), track equipment repair history, create detailed maintenance templates by equipment type, manage service budgets, integrate to time sheets, and collect costs from inventory or purchasing. By basing the Service app on Microsoft’s powerful and flexible jobs module, users are able to take advantage of all of the strengths already inherent in the system.

Easy to use, tough to outgrow

Turn in that entry level accounting system.  A scalable, rental management system you can’t outgrow.  Stop entering data into multiple systems with one integrated solution.

One Solution

One system for rentals, service, and financials.  Eliminate duplicate entry.

Low Cost

Cheap to install.  Low monthly cost for user licenses.

Easy Upgrades

Multi-tenant structure means upgrades in hours, not months.

Advanced Rentals

Advanced functionality inherited from ODT NAV Rental Management.
On the go control
Mobility clients for laptops, smartphones, and tablets allow users to leave their desks behind.  Create a rental contract, look up availability of a product, or check service history, all are available from the mobile device of your choice.  Rental users need a solution that works with them, where ever they happen to be. With Dynamics 365 Business Central you can manage your financials and operations.

Real-time data processing, whether input in the field or office, ensures users can be confident about the accuracy and timeliness of their rental and service data.  Eliminating data processing or manual forms eliminates many possible points for error.  Enter data once, wherever you are.

Key Product Features

Service Tickets

Repair company or customer equipment.

Flexible Service Templates

Create multi-level service templates by equipment type.

Budgeted Costs

Compare actual costs to budgeted template costs.

Equipment Tracking

Complete service history for all service units with links to service tickets.

Connected to Rentals

The service app can optionally be connected to the ODT Rental App.


Manage maintenance plans with configurable interval types.

Try it for FREE today

Sign up for a free trial and start your journey today. A Business Central database is a requirement.

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