Flexible solutions for virtually any industry

It would take less time to list the rental industries Dynamics NAV is not well suited for.

Adaptable software solutions to suit virtually any type of rental equipment.

Companies that rent for a minimum of a day and need a powerful solution to track their equipment, record and predict maintenance, utilize mobile devices across their organization, and view availability real-time are an excellent fit for our rental solution built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The Open Door rental software system has been implemented into a variety of rental industries including access and rig mat rental, boiler rental, tools, water coolers, coring systems, temporary site and special event services, electronic gaming consoles, seismic tools, electronic equipment, shoring equipment, and computer and audio visual equipment.

For customers with very unique requirements, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV toolkit allows the Open Door Rental Software to be rapidly configured to attain significant processing efficiencies or competitive advantage.

Rental contracts may be for a portion of a day, or can extend months or years into the future. Equipment can be quickly located and matched to unique customer needs and may be out in the field for months at a time, but may only be billed for those days actually used. Servicing equipment is challenging, yet our CMMS software is a simple and easy to use maintenance system that competes favorably with far more complex preventive maintenance software programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is My Equipment And Is It Available To Rent?

Equipment may be in any number of locations, which can include rental yards, maintenance shops, and customer locations. Open Door’s equipment rental management software can track an unlimited number of customer ship-to locations and record subsequent equipment moves.

The rental software maintains real-time rental status for all equipment to allow you to quickly determine the equipment available to rent. Users can check equipment availability and can also quickly check the maintenance status on any piece of equipment.

Can I Bill For A Variable Number Of Days In A Period?

The flexibility of our Open Door Rental Software allows your company to charge a periodic charge, plus one of two usage charges. The first is a metered usage charge for equipment that records quantities such as hours or mileage.

For longer-term projects with variable usage, the second usage feature allows you to record only those days the equipment was actually used by your customer during the invoicing period, and charge full rates for those dates and an optional rate for stand-by days. This periodic usage table can be populated from an electronic file, such as a spreadsheet, or from an integrated mobile device.

How Can I Quickly Find The Right Equipment That Meets My Client’s Requirement?

The use of categories to track equipment groups with predefined attributes, by either group or rental asset, allows the user to quickly search for equipment with specific requirements. For example, the client may need a 6” hydraulic submersible pump and may request a specific brand or model. Our software would allow the user to identify the available equipment in 5-10 seconds by location.

The equipment categories and attributes can be defined to match your equipment and the use of equipment groups allows the user to quickly manage availability by group similar to rental car categories.

How Do I Manage My Service Group?

Construction equipment and tool rental companies need a solution to track equipment maintenance requirements and make sure the work gets done on time even if the equipment is located out in the field.

Open Door Technology’s predictive maintenance software module will make this process much more manageable.

Service work templates allow you to set up maintenance tasks unique by equipment group and triggered manually, by elapsed time, by usage and by anniversary dates. For example, a piece of equipment could be inspected every time it is returned from being on rent. Other equipment may need to be re-certified annually by a regulatory agency. You can schedule service work in the shop and out in the field. A handy feature is the ability to schedule work based on the estimated usage in the field.

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