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Rental software built using the most popular mid-market ERP system in the world.

If you are looking for the last financial, service, and rental system you'll ever need for your organization, then look no further

Open Door Rental Software is built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most popular mid-market ERP system in the world, which provides in a easy to use, flexible, and scalable solution for organizations looking to invest in an integrated rental, financial, and service system. The flexible toolkit of Dynamics NAV means our rental software will suit nearly any type of equipment rental organization.

The software module offers a fully featured rental system by integrating with fixed assets, inventory, purchasing and sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and service management. The Microsoft technology and close integration to Microsoft Office applications means users are immediately familiar with the look and feel of the system and can learn the new system faster than other solutions. Users can even configure their individual interface to match their own work flows.

The back end of the system gives your organization endless options for scalability and flexible install models. The three-tier design and background posting allow the product to be scaled from a few to hundreds of concurrent users. The middle services tier, including web services, allows the system to be easily integrated to almost any third party system. The industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server database offers a wide variety of choices for reporting, including built-in SQL Server Reporting Services. Our rental and service system also offers the ultimate flexibility by being available on an install model of your choice such as in the Cloud, in-house, or hosted with the ability to change from one to another without loss of data or processing time.

Our Key Rental Products

Combining your new accounting or ERP system with an Office 365 subscription for your office productivity tools makes a lot of sense, especially if you choose the cloud options.  Add our managed services to your cloud solution to create a worry-free option. 

Rental Management

Everything you need to manage your rental business with integrated rentals, service and financials in Dynamics NAV.

ODT Rentals 365

A fully featured financial, operations, service, and rental system based on Dynamics 365.

Open Door Rental Software can be installed to suit your business model whether that be cloud, hosted, or in-house.

There are a lot of decisions to be made when implementing a new system and we work with your organization to find the installation model that works for you.

Organizations today have valid options for installing key business applications on in-house systems or outsourcing significant portions of the IT hardware and support requirements by utilizing either hosting centers or by licensing software on a monthly subscription basis. One of the benefits of licensing the software itself is capital budget expenditures are moved over to the operations side.

The software costs being allocated to the operations budget is desirable for many companies, especially in times where investment capital is not readily available.

There are different advantages to the three types of installations we offer and we can help you decide the model that works best for you. A Microsoft Dynamics NAV rental system always allows you to adjust your install model as your organization grows and adapts.

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