Always know when your equipment is available to be rented

Check equipment availability by group instead of units

Equipment Group Availability Matrix provides instant view of equipment availability

Everyone knows the key to success in the equipment rental business is to know where your equipment is and when it will be available again. The Equipment Group Availability Matrix does all of that and more.

Checking availability means more than checking individual units. The availability matrix starts by displaying your equipment groups so you can quickly evaluate overall quantities, by day. Pick your starting date and add a filter to refine your view. Quickly check only those items with negative quantity issues.

Filters can be applied to:

Start from a specified date
Show negative items only
Equipment groups
Equipment categories
Check by location
Include demand from quotes

Users can quickly drill down on reservations and back to the original documents to evaluate the likelihood of a unit returning on time. Tracking demand by groups allows you to deal with the issue of having a dozen excavators on the lot but not having any available as they are all in service or committed to customers, regardless of whether they have been assigned to a rental contract yet.

The following example shows daily equipment availability for the Excavator category, of which there are two. The system tracks group and asset commitments, those units actually out on rent, or needing service, showing a summary at the top for the total group quantity, the net available, and the quantity reserved, either against the group or specific units. Turning on overbooking for an equipment group will allow users to take unlimited orders and fill them through sub rentals or other means. The user is able to drill down from the quantity field to check the availability of specific units.

The calendar view displays 30 days of information from the default starting date or one selected by the user. Any quantity matching the warning level specified in setup will automatically cause the quantity to display as red, even if the warning level is higher than zero.

The Location fact box on the right side of the screen will display the quantities physically on hand and the actual unreserved quantities available in each location.

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