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Save time with Express Order Entry

ODT Express Order Entry means shorter learning curves and faster processing

Sometimes less is more. The capability of a fully integrated rental, service, and financial system may seem overwhelming to new users not familiar with order entry systems. The Express Order Entry feature in our Microsoft Dynamics NAV Rental Management solution has been designed to shorten the learning curve for your employees and maximize efficiency by minimizing the number of keystrokes required to complete rental transactions.

A fact of life is that there will always be staff turnover. Having a system that is easy to use makes your staff productive in significantly less time and reduces the opportunity for errors or missed revenue.

Whether your customers call you, show up at your rental counter, or contact you online, your staff are always ready with real-time information. They know what equipment is available and ready for rent, what the service requirements are, as well as a customer’s rental history or credit worthiness.

Everything has been designed with your staff in mind. The Microsoft Office look and feel is quick to learn and your staff are given maximum flexibility when it comes to completing orders. Users aren’t tied to their desks as rental orders can be completed from the rental counter, tablet, or smartphone. Keeping your staff happy and productive means your rental customers will get the best possible service.

Our Express Order Entry system allows your staff to:

Look up your customer by any data field in your system including name, phone number, or company, or quickly enter a new customer.

Use an optional module to enter new customers automatically by scanning their driver’s license.

See credit limits and aging history with access to all historical transactions.

Rent or sell one simplified screen and quickly connect to the service system.

Record purchases quickly with a barcode scanner.

Process multiple forms of payment rapidly including cash, debit, credit, and on-account.

Can integrate with Charge Logic for PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing.

Manage and reconcile tills by user.

Check availability and pricing of equipment by category, date, location, or many other criteria, with the ability to review the service status of equipment.

Utilize equipment groups to track reservations without committing specific units until units are ready to ship.

Track sub-rental units and purchase orders.

Capture customer signatures with optional signature capture devices.

Create optional quotes, quickly convert quotes to orders, and invoice orders.

Save time with even more features!

Express Order Entry transforms the user experience and maximizes productivity.

Watch a brief demo of Express Order Entry here.

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