Never miss a servive on your fleet again

Utilizing preventative maintenance best industry practices is significantly less expensive than fixing the equipment after it has broken down.

Preventative maintenance software plays an important role in the profitability of your rental company

Preventative maintenance systems, or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, are key for rental companies requiring ongoing maintenance for equipment. With the right solution you can keep track your fleet’s maintenance needs, never miss a repair, extend the life of the rental fleet, and maximize equipment availability.

We know how important it is to keep track of the maintenance needs of your fleet and stay on top of repairs to maximize equipment availability and utilization. Our system is designed to keep your equipment running smoothly and maximize your time.

Preventative Maintenance is integrated to the rental system

Every rental asset set up in a service group will automatically be available for service in the service module. This will allow the system to track all repairs and maintenance booked against rental equipment. If a unit is sold to a customer the history will follow the unit.

Services provided by third party suppliers are recorded

All third party service charges through a purchase invoice, or purchase order, can be booked against specific units. This history will be combined with internal work to provide a complete picture of all work done to the unit.

Recurring maintenance requirements are tracked in the system

Service orders for a unit can be set up manually or automatically and are based on elapsed time, usage recorded in the system, or for each time the asset is returned. The elapsed time is user-configurable and can range from a short period to an annual re-certification check.

Make sure you don’t miss required maintenance

The service manager is able to query the system for all outstanding work and filter the results by a number of choices including service type, location, and equipment status. The highest priority service requirements can then be quickly converted to work orders.

Field technicians have access to the data as well

Once the work orders have been created and assigned to field or shop technicians, the work orders can be pushed out to mobile devices or terminals on the shop floor. They can also be printed to accompany the technician.

A key element to your operations is your service department. Organize your service resources for optimum efficiency, forecast and track parts consumption, proactively manage service contracts and agreements, gain better control over costs, and track maintenance activities.

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