Microsoft SharePoint. Beyond content management.

Whether you utilize Dynamics NAV in a cloud subscription license or installed in-house, SharePoint is available to manage related content and reinvent the way you work together.

Microsoft SharePoint is more than content management.

Asked about Microsoft SharePoint, many people would probably answer that it provides a solution for enterprise content management. While that is true, it adds much more including collaboration tools, business intelligence, portals, search capabilities, and business process management. Microsoft has steadily worked to improve the integration into other modules in its application and server suites and SharePoint will reinvent the way your team works together.

SharePoint offers three major components in its server suite including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), and Microsoft Search Server. Just a few years ago SharePoint would be installed in-house, but Office 365 gives users today the ability to access many of the advantages of SharePoint by signing up for an online Microsoft Office subscription.

One of the biggest advantage of SharePoint is the ability to treat SharePoint Online as a subscription service that does not need to be maintained by internal IT resources.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV utilizes several components of SharePoint, whether accessed through an in-house installation or an Office 365 subscription. Documents of any type can be attached to master records or documents in Dynamics NAV and stored in SharePoint. Drag and drop utilities can store documents and emails in SharePoint for retrieval by system users. Elements of Dynamics NAV can be utilized as web parts in SharePoint Portal. Integration to Office products within Dynamics NAV opens up another avenue of integration to SharePoint.

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