Microsoft SQL Server. 
Cost effective scalability.

Microsoft SQL Server provides a strong foundation for business applications. If you choose SQL Server you can be assured of a solid investment with as much a future guarantee as you can get in the software world.

Cost-effective high-performance database for mission-critical applications

Microsoft continues to push the envelope with frequent updates to SQL Server, a relational database scalable for nearly all applications seeking a cost-effective solution for data management, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server make it easier to support mission-critical applications and business intelligence (BI) solutions that make it easier and faster to make better decisions. It has extended its reach from on-premises installations to the cloud and hybrid options. Microsoft has continued to draw all of its products more closely and SQL Server is no exception.

Advances in security and performance are combined with tight integration to Microsoft Office and SharePoint to provide a robust and consistent experience for customers. New advances in cloud technology make SQL Server more cost-effective as an option and easily scalable. New features for in-memory tables with SSD drive support have significantly improved performance. Automatic backups and better management capability has simplified administration. Disaster recovery options have improved significantly. World class security ensures your database and critical applications such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV remain available when you need it.

Microsoft SQL Server works well for small to large organizations. Different editions allow Microsoft to offer a cost-effective solution while providing scalability for larger entities.   Developing industry standards such as XML for data sharing means that SQL Server plays well with others, if you have a need to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system to other platforms or databases Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s three tier design with a web services layer offers real-time integration with non-related applications.

In a survey carried out by InformationWeek, “2014 State of Database Technology”, and published in March, 2014, Microsoft SQL Server scored a 57% response for organizations utilizing SQL Server for their critical business operations and 75% for databases in use. Impressive statistics considering that in the 1990’s many of the mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems utilized Btrieve or DB2 transactional databases. While the survey numbers suggest market dominance by SQL Server, it should be noted that the survey included enterprise as well as mid-market respondents, who by a number of definitions come in at between $50M and $1B in revenue. Restricting the results to only the mid-market would have resulted in higher numbers.

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